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GIGANT is a sound propaganda department of a larger movement, which includes an anti-magazine called IZAM (ISM), earlier SLOBODA (FREEDOM), and which still forms, to reshape the world, and to spread the destructive ideas which include (self)sacrifice, embracement of human nature, and the other answer. Harsh Noise Wall is a culture already built, with quite similar ideas, and GIGANT was chosen to bear this type of static sound, so it's ideas could spread to the right people. OUR TIME IS - NOW

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Versus Progress review on Musique Machine

Gigant is German for giant; and this Belgrade/Serbian based HNW project certainly live up to it’s name as they create here one long and huge sounding track of throbbing and rumbling walled matter. This is the projects first (self) released album.

The one and only track present here is entitled “Versus Progress” and it takes in just under forty two minutes of locked and thick HNW. The tracks best described as one thick, rumbling and slo-mo earthquake of juddering lower toned repetition and huge sounding ‘wall making’. At times it almost feels like the tracks taken on a stuck drum like rumble, and at others a more huge machine like droning judder, but in reality the wall never really changes from it’s original course- it’s just your mind playing tricks with you. The track mangers to keep your attention through-out it’s forty minute playtime, and on the whole it has a very pleasingly enchasing feel to it ,which of course nicely detaches you from the world around you for it’s running time.

So “Versus Progress” is a nicely surrounding and pleasingly rumble-bound slice of wall making. It's not particularly bleak, dark or nasty- but instead has an almost hearty and satisfying vibe to it.


Roger Batty,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Split with Dead Body Collection out on Suprematist Records

SR003 : Dead Body Collection / Gigant - (untitled) 2xCDr

2 CDrs filled with uncompromising, Serbian static.

€5 / $6 postpaid worldwide
Because of lack of PayPal in Serbia, hidden cash is temprarily the only option of paying (you will recieve the discs in any case, so it's my risk only, because i will send them as soon as you tell me you sent the cash.) . Bank transfer might be optional too in the future. Contact for more info.

Trade is welcomed.

Those who pay for the release, get free "100% Suprematist" patch. If you want it and are trading, you may pop in 1 euro / 1 dollar and you'll get it.
Suprematist Records blog: